Featured feature: Presentations

This section of Primer allows you to organize and archive any presentations of artwork. Most of our clients use this feature for exhibitions, art fair booths, private salons, curated rooms and the like. Quickly make and edit a variety of related documents including checklists, pricelists, work labels, and full page work previews in any custom order. Edit, save, print and/or email these pdfs directly from the presentation window. Link all contacts who attended the show or transactions, such as sales and offers, related to the event and make a single note that appears on both records. Tap on any image to show in full screen, with the ability to scroll full screen through the entire selection of works. Each individual user can set their own reminders for tasks related to the show. Presentaions are an elegant way to manage and document your exhibition history. One of the many ways that Primer is helping art galleries, art collectors, curators and artists spend more time conceiving and mounting great shows and less time on administration.

A sample presentation page for an art fair booth. Click on a work's image to see in full screen.