We will continue to update our library of instructional videos for using Primer, our art gallery software and art collection software. To access links that go to a specific part of a video, watch directly on our Vimeo page and use the timestamps in the table of contents.

Basic navigation: This video is important for first time users and will help you understand how Primer is laid out and what the symbols mean.

Inventory: Using the Inventory section of Primer.

Searching for records by specific terms

Emailing directly from Primer and creating documents. If you would like to use timestamps to get to specific subtopics, click Vimeo

Using Primers transactions ranging from sales and consignments to our custom transaction. To use timestamps to jump to a specific subtopic, click here to watch on our Vimeo page

Administration options: Add users, customize inventory numbers and much more

Beta video for using the contacts section of Primer

Beta video for using the Artists section